alt=Film Inside Peace Premieres in Australia

Filmmaker Cynthia Fitzpatrick's film Inside Peace chronicles the lives of several inmates both inside the prison as well as their lives following release as they explore the possibility of change. Ms. Fitzpatrick says the Peace Education Program the prisoners went through has impacted on many levels from a reduction in violence in the overall prison population to a reduction in recidivism. “It did spill over eventually into the jail itself because the warden and the captain of education and captain of the guard said to me that they noticed the effect that it was having generally in the population and that there was less write ups…confrontations between inmates.”

The Australian premiere of the film Inside Peace was held in Perth on April 10th sponsored by Peel Youth Services and Studio View Productions Pacific with a screening the next day in Mandurah.  The screenings were followed by insightful and lively discussion exploring the issues raised. On the panels were Dr. Andrew Ramsay, GP and Facilitator of Peace Education Program at the Adelaide Womens Prison, Mervyn Eades - Ngalla Maya, Perth, Be Westbrook – CEO Peel Youth Services, Dean Dyer - Mens Health and Well-being, Rhys Williams (Young Australian of the Year 2015) – CEO The Makers, Ian McTavish - Author of ‘A Prisoner’s wisdom: Transcending the Ego’ and Mark Anderson, former CEO of Fairbridge (Binjareb project).  The local Mandurah newspaper ran a story on the screening there and the tie in with Peel Youth Services.  A briefing session on the Peace Education Program facilitated by Dr. Andrew Ramsay was also attended by twenty four interested organisations with one prison taking up the program. Further screenings are being held around Australia.