For more than 25 years, sponsor support has helped to make Prem Rawat's message available throughout Australia AND provided a solid foundation for the provision of ‘Amaroo’, the learning centre and event venue at Ivory’s Rock.  

In 2016 the support received was unprecedented.  The annual target (increased from the previous year's by 10% - to $715,000) was exceeded with a total of $728,450 received in contributions.

Congratulations and thank you to each and every one of our valued sponsors on this splendid result.

Based on this outcome, the 2017 the target was boldly increased by 14% to $850,000.  (An average of $70,000 per month).

So - how are the contributions tracking towards our new target?

In the first quarter, a New Year fundraising raffle combined with inspiring outcomes from the Major Sponsor Meetings held at Ivory's Rock, the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne brought the 2017 total to $172,557  (a shortfall of $39,943 or 4.8% behind target for the year).

During the second quarter, support has remained consistent.  At the end of June, the contributions total of $347,588 brought us 41% of the way - as indicated by the meter above.

Although, at this stage the meter should be at 50%, we are confident that with your help AND more meetings on the horizon AND another raffle to be drawn soon, we can make this up.

If you'd like to help to ensure the meter keeps on track as this event-full year unfolds, you are welcome to make a donation or subscribe to the sponsorship program here  click here.

Thank you everyone!

The Australian Sponsor Support Team.



The Let’s Celebrate Raffle has now been drawn and we are pleased to announce the four winners – all from different continents! We used the electronic randomizer to choose the winning tickets.

They are –

First Prize of $AUD3000 to A.L. of Hong Kong, ticket no. 29648229 A

Second Prize of $AUD1000 to R.K. of Australia, ticket no. 28502653

Third Prize of $AUD500 to V.O. of the U.S.A., ticket no. 29648710

Fourth Prize of $AUD500 to C.L. of Denmark, ticket no. 28518612

The winners have been separately notified by email.

Thanks to all for your participation and generosity.

You can watch the video of the draw here.