Amaroo - A Bird's Eye View


 alt=September 2017 Amaroo Event

We are delighted to announce that Prem Rawat will be speaking at a five-day event at Ivory’s Rock Conventions and Events Centre (Amaroo) near Peak Crossing in Queensland, Australia, from Monday September 11th to Friday September 15th 2017.


Christmas Carnival

An inaugural Christmas Carnival for the local community was held at Ivory's Rock on Sunday 4 December.

Attendees, undaunted by the inordinately high temperatures and a storm that came through the night before enjoyed the family atmosphere ...

Celebrating 50 years with Prem Rawat - 19 to 23 September inclusive!

More than 4200 people from 60 countries around the world attended a recent five day celebration with guest of honour, Prem Rawat at Ivory's Rock Conventions and Events Centre - Amaroo - near Peak Crossing in Queensland, Australia.

The event was a celebration of 50 years of Prem Rawat's outstanding work around the world conveying his message that peace is possible.

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A Global Story and Auspicious Event

The response to the event at Ivory’s Rock was very enthusiastic! When Earlybird bookings closed after three weeks of opening, the event was more than 90% full. (Seating capacity in the Amphitheatre is 3950).

As you can see in this clip, this event was part of a global story and the excitement extended to people everywhere:


A Civic Reception at Ivory's Rock Conference Hall

Prem Rawat, the Mayors of Ipswich and the Scenic Rim, Councillors, Rotarians and other local dignitaries were invited to attend a reception in the Conference Hall at Ivory's Rock on Friday 16 September.


The 10 best-kept secrets of Ipswich

Number 1: Ivory’s Rock - A magnificent venue, Ivory’s Rock is a 600 hectare-natural site with room for about 5000 people in their open-air Amphitheatre.


Conservation Project

On a property as large Ivory’s Rock (Amaroo) there is always work to be done; often in places not visible to a visitor, yet with a big impact on the property itself and on the greater environment.

One of those works is the ‘Leaky Weir’ which is still under construction deep in the south-west corner of the Sandy Creek portion of the property.


New and Improved Lighting

As part of the preparation for the September 2016 event,  new and improved lighting is being installed all the way from the front gate, along the road to each of the Sandy Creek Campgrounds and ultimately lighting the way to the Pavilion.

In the slideshow here you will see the concrete footings, the fuse box controlling each section of lighting, lights ready to be put up, and lights along the roads.


Safety and Maintenance

All existing buildings onsite at Ivory’s Rock are regularly checked for safety and necessary maintenance is completed well in advance of major events.

Pictured here - the walkway between the kitchen and the dining room at the Jacaranda site is being repaired by one of several priceless volunteers.


At Ivory's Rock - a new Onsite Accommodation option 

As an addition to the range of onsite accommodations, eight new buildings - each with four bunkhouses - have been placed alongside the walkways in Yellow and Green Campgrounds, Sandy Creek - close to the bathrooms and the Pavilion.

Work has begun to lay electricity for lighting, heating and air conditioning and each will be fitted out to comfortably accommodate guests.


Yoga and Tai Chi classes

Yoga and Tai Chi classes are offered weekly to anyone offering their time and services at Ivory’s Rock (Amaroo) while the wallabies, unperturbed, continue to graze.


World Environment Day - Sunday 5 June

Proudly sponsored by Ivory's Rock Foundation in partnership with Ipswich City Council and Earth Frequency Festival.

A bright, clear day after wild storms on Saturday allowed World Environment Day participants to fully enjoy the educational and creative activities and entertainment - live music, electronic music, performance, dance, workshops, kid’s activities & stalls.

This free-of-charge community event was focussed on the environment, youth and family.

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Earth Frequency Festival

The third Earth Frequency Festival was held at Ivory’s Rock 12-15 February. Always a colourful, well attended event, almost 5000 people came to enjoy all the festival had to offer.

To catch a glimpse see:

- An article in the Queensland Times Monday 15 February

- This series of ten photos taken by Ivory’s Rock resident photographer, Ed Corrigan:

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World Wildlife Day - proudly hosted at Ivory's Rock

On Saturday 5 March, Ivory's Rock Foundation was pleased - for the first time in its history - to host World Wildlife Day at its beautiful facility at Ivory's Rock.

The purpose of the day was:

  • To raise the awareness of endangered animals & plants and to educate the community how they can become more involved in protecting them
  • To provide rare opportunities for children to come face to face with some of Australia’s amazing wildlife and develop a great appreciation
  • To create a fun day for the community

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Thank You BBQ – Ivory's Rock

Ivory's Rock centre management and volunteers wanted a way of saying thank you to neighbours and local residents for their support and patience in 2015 and to thank the contractors for services provided at the recent events. So it was decided to hold a BBQ lunch - something that would be memorable - and to make it a family affair.

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Controlled burn

To keep ‘Amaroo’ safe in the hot summer months, long grass and dead wood must be cleared.

In many countries, including Australia, dead wood and grass is burnt off in a timely, safe and careful manner - this is called a ‘controlled burn’ and it prevents bushfires in the summer.

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Spartan Race 15 August

On Saturday 15 August Spartan Australia, again, hired the space and facilities at Ivory’s Rock to conduct their 14 km Super Race challenge. Spartan organisers take pride in their ability to offer ‘the toughest, most competitive race series in the world'.

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Road Repairs

There are around 21 kms of roads around the facility at Ivory’s Rock - on the northern side of Flinder’s Road and some in the campgrounds on the southern side.

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Tractor at Amaroo

A New Tractor

The facility at Ivory’s Rock comprises 635 hectares of natural bush and parklands.

It’s a big place! Dick Marriott heads up the small team that looks after the grounds, year ‘round.

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September: very warm and … very cold!

There was a cold snap at ‘Amaroo' in early July.

Being exposed, this open grassy area attracted the frost. Note that under the trees, on the slope there is no frost.

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New Bunkhouses

The old ‘bunkhouses’ near the Jacaranda Dining Room have done sterling duty for almost 20 years. 

They are now being refurbished - painted inside, built in wardrobe and drawers and double or single beds.

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