Celebrating 50 years with Prem Rawat

More than 4200 people travelled from 60 countries around the world to attend a recent five day celebration at Ivory's Rock Conventions and Events Centre - Amaroo - near Peak Crossing in Queensland, Australia.  

The occasion was the 50th anniversary of the start of Prem Rawat's outstanding work around the world conveying his welcome message that individual, personal peace is possible.

The occasionally wet weather did not deter attendees from joining Prem Rawat in the outdoor amphitheatre and, on a very wet Wednesday, under the shelter of the dome in the Pavilion area.  

In his talks, Prem Rawat reflected on the phenomenal work done thoughout the last five decades around the world and he spoke, as always, of Peace as a fundamental need.  

With his humour, his stories and the sharing of his insights he reminded the audience that peace is within reach - in this world, for individuals, today!

The audience was ever-appreciative of these invaluable reminders and a generally great time was had by all.

Pictures to follow.




A Global Story and Auspicious Event

The response to the forthcoming event at Ivory’s Rock was … very enthusiastic! When Earlybird bookings closed after three weeks of opening, the event was more than 90% full. (Seating capacity in the Amphitheatre is 3950).

As you can see in this clip, this event was part of a global story and the excitement extended to people everywhere:


Prem Rawat at Ivory’s Rock 'Amaroo', September 7- 11, 2015

Prem Rawat spoke at a total of nine events over a five-day period at the outdoor facility at Ivory’s Rock (‘Amaroo’), near Peak Crossing in Queensland, Australia.

These events were for people who had already been taught the techniques of Knowledge and keen to deepen their practice and understanding.

Almost 4200 people attended the event from 70 different countries around the world.

Approximately 50% of attendees stayed onsite in tents, motorhomes, caravans, bunkhouses and 'pents' (permanent tents).  The remainder stayed in hotels, B&Bs and caravan parks in the surrounding district.

A very inspiring and enjoyable time was had by all!